A "We are getting married" Website

Created by: John James Burke
12.07.2017, 20:45 pm
Wedding Website

Getting Married?

Why not let me create your very own wedding story. Consisting of five web pages packed with information about your big day and your history together.

Your Story

Tell your story of how you and your partner met with four sections tailored to you. Examples include How your met, your first date, first kiss and your engagement. However these can be customised to suit your own personal story.

Wedding Website

Your Day

Let your guests know what's happening on the big day by providing your order of the day plan.

Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Wedding Website

RSVP Section

Get email notifications from your guests. Who is attending? Find out with an RSVP section.

Display Your Memories

Show off your memories with up to four photograph categories that react to the users click. Remember to save a section for your weddings shots. Examples here show: Friends, Engagement and Wedding categories.

Wedding Website
Wedding Website

Pick Your Own Colour Theme

Why not match your Wedding Site to the same colour theme as your big day.

Multiple Themes Available

Pick your own theme or choose one from the below list.

Interested? Contact me for more information.

Wedding Website


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